DiamaaGold launch Digitalgold sale

DiamaaGold launch Digitalgold sale

DiamaaGold launch Digitalgold sale

DiamaaGold, supports small scale miners, digital finance and blockchain to create stable coins or digital assets representing allocated physical gold and contribute to the recovery and economic development in CAR.

On Monday March 1, 2021, the site https://www.diamaagold.com/ will open the sale of liquid and physical gold. Why one more site to buy gold?

DiamaaGold is a company established in the Central African Republic whose mission is to raise funds to contribute to the recovery of the country and to the consolidation of peace. As recent events have shown, the country needs stability to continue the recovery of the country, constantly contested by militias wanting to seize by force the democratically established power.

To continue this mission, the President of the Republic wished to give new impetus to the mining sector by enhancing the geological potential of the country and the opportunities for attracting direct foreign investment. After analyzing the situation in the country and identifying the problems that arise, DiamaaGold offers a set of solutions based on the valuation of gold mining by small gold miners.

What is the situation? The Central African Republic's Peacebuilding Recovery Plan (RCPCA) suggested measures for the management of natural resources, particularly minerals. In this country, extractive natural resources can represent an important source of resources. The mining sector is essentially artisanal, informal and focused on gold and diamonds. Measures must be adopted to encourage investment in the extractive sector.

What are the problems? Much of the revenue from the mining sector escapes the supervising Central African state. Much of the Central African gold revenue escapes the communities that generate it. Much of the Central African wealth is lost in the informal economy. The reestablishment and expansion of fiscal authority over artisanal mining is vital for the Ministry of Finance but extremely sensitive from a security standpoint. But how can we encourage and then gain the confidence of private and institutional investors from around the world to invest in the Central African extractive sector? How to open up to all investors on the planet the possibility of investing in the CAR using a gold currency based on gold mined or reserves underground?

What are the solutions? DiamaaGold launches “mine to mint” digital gold initiative with support from government and partners specializing in digital finance. Digital gold is a way for private and institutional investors to support the country's recovery while protecting their investments from inflation. DiamaaGold supports artisanal mining, which is the main source of livelihood, often survival, for a large proportion of the Central African population. DiamaaGold in partnership with the government digitizes artisanal gold in "stable coin" form and sells "tokenized" digital gold at retail in a blockchain ledger. DiamaaGold in partnership with the government is creating two gold tokens specific to the CAR to encourage investment: a) a gold token based on gold reserves purchased and then placed in a custodian partner bank; b) token mining based on the country's gold resources. The use of the blockchain by the country guarantees transparency and guarantees the formalization and control of the market. Digital gold generates fundraising to invest in mining while bringing investments back to the state which extends its fiscal authority over the mining sector and formalizes the market. Other minerals from the 470 showings identified in the Central African subsoil may follow a similar process to raise other funds.

How does DiamaaGold work? Private and institutional investors open a wallet allowing them to carry out instant financial transactions, at any time, in any currency, including gold on the WinstantPay network. Investors complete their Know Your Customer procedure, which guarantees the identification of subscribers and the fight against fraud and money laundering. Investors automatically receive a WinstantPay wallet with their property in gold, on the blockchain or off-blockchain. If they wish, they receive a VO2 Tech card with QR code allowing them to load funds into this wallet through a network of merchants around the world. The DiamaaGold card can be funded with fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. It does not work like a cold wallet which assumes that the user takes the risk of losing their tokens if they lose their secret key. With the VO2 Tech card the investor is protected and insured by the guardian bank of the gold reserves. In connection with the Winstantpay wallet by QR code, investors can check their balance, extract their assets, move them to another wallet. Investors can always check their balance directly in the blockchain explorer if needed. With their DiamaaGold card, investors can send funds to other DiamaaGold cards or WinstantPay wallets or any other crypto-wallet. Investors can use their card as often as they like. There is no limit to the amount of transactions.

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