A wallet to save your gold

Easy and fast gold transactions

The DiamaaGold WinstantPay® WorldKYC® Inside wallet - is a global multi-currency web wallet offering access to instant payments and currency exchange. It includes several accounts in various freely selectable currencies, including gold, cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

The seven functions of your DiamaaGold wallet:

  • Buy, save and sell gold instantly
  • Track gold prices live every minute
  • Receive your DiamaaGold card
  • Withdraw your savings when you need them
  • Trade in your physical gold from 1 gram
  • Send gold to anyone with a DiamaaGold account
  • Borrow based on your AUT and AUJ stablecoins

Two stablecoins to save and invest

What are DiamaaGold stablecoins?

Both DiamaaGold stablecoins comply with financial standards.

AUT stablecoin is backed by physical gold mined, refined and hosted with reputable and approved depositories.

AUJ stablecoin is aligned with the value of gold and backed by concessions granted by the government.

The AUT and AUJ stablecoins combine the interest of gold as a reserve asset, a significant bonus on the usual price and the usefulness of stablecoins.

AUT and AUJ stablecoins are redeemable on our network and on the Ethereum and Stellar Blockchains.

About stablecoins

About stablecoins

Tokenization of assets and issuance of stablecoins are the future of financial markets. In addition to innovation, digitization promotes easy access to capital, fast transactions, reduced costs and increased liquidity.

Unlike digital currencies often based on mathematical calculations and therefore based "on the wind", AUT and AUJ stablecoins are fully backed by physical gold acquired from cooperatives and small African producers or to be mined by these operators.

This gold push prevents the AUT and AUJ stablecoins from falling below the market price of gold. The owner can exchange their AUT stablecoins for physical gold at any time. He can exchange his AUJ stablecoins at any time on our network or on the Blockchain.

Our technology

Our technology

DiamaaGold operates with WinstantPay ® and WorldKYC ® Inside for the issuance of AUT and AUJ stablecoins.

WinstantPay was created to provide a global network for instant payment settlement in any currency, anywhere, anytime. It has the power to reduce financial institutions' overheads and at lower costs, while supporting Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance through WorldKYC ®.

WinstantPay ® unites Fintech and the traditional banking system, allowing anyone to make and receive instant payments, in any currency, including commodities such as gold and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum .

Stablecoins are exchangeable on the WinstantPay ® network and on the Ethereum and Stellar Blockchains

What use of stablecoins?

What use of stablecoins?

AUT and AUJ stablecoins are not new currencies but the result of the digitization of gold to promote its exchange with other fiat and crypto currencies.

The majority of funds raised are devoted to the acquisition of physical gold to issue additional AUT and AUJ stablecoins and related operations.

Three advantages of AUT and AUJ stablecoins

AUT and AUJ stablecoins offer the owner three major advantages over traditional methods of buying and owning gold:


On the global wallet, digital gold is accessible worldwide. In the global market digital gold is more liquid than physical gold.

On the global wallet, AUT and AUJ stablecoins can be exchanged instantly and in all currencies offering liquidity 24/7/365.

AUT stablecoins can be traded in batches from one gram of physical gold after a minimum holding period of 90 days.

AUT stablecoin owners have a perpetual gold option that only expires on delivery of physical gold in exchange for the stablecoin.

AUJ stablecoins are constantly exchangeable on our network and the Ethereum and Stellar Blockchains.


AUT stablecoins are backed by gold stored with our independent depositories. DiamaaGold regularly publishes valuations of stored gold that can be viewed by owners.

AUT and AUJ stablecoins are certified by WinstantPay to meet the requirements of digitized stablecoin and asset directories.

WinstantPay ® guarantees the owner higher levels of security than utility tokens or cryptocurrencies. In addition, the WinstantPay ® platform constantly provides proof of ownership of gold, on the Blockchain or outside the Blockchain.

Unlike some providers who offer access to digital gold via cold wallets, with DiamaaGold and WinstantPay ® digital gold cannot be lost. Only the owner has his username and password.


AUT stablecoins are offered to owners at a 10% discount from the price of gold at the time of purchase. The owner therefore benefits from an immediate return without counting subsequent returns.

Gold traded is of 99.5% minimum quality as well as certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Any owner who wishes can request a 99.9% refining. In this case the cost of the additional refining will be invoiced to it.

Unlike physical gold, ownership of AUT and AUJ stablecoins does not incur storage costs or other costs.

The only fees for the transfer of AUT and AUJ stablecoins on the DiamaaGold platform relate to the costs of validation on our network and maintenance of the wallet and therefore low.